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Heat 7s capture first win and 7th place in Canada West

Heat 7s capture first win and 7th place in Canada West

Winning their final match of the season, the Heat women's rugby sevens squad topped the UFV Cascades on Sunday afternoon at Wallace Field in Victoria to notch the program's first-ever conference win in the rugby 7s Canada West pilot project. Having trouble scoring for most of the year, UBCO avenged three losses in earlier in the year to the Cascades by putting together a complete match and walking away with a 19-12 victory. The win was for 7th place in the Victoria tournament. 

The Victoria tournament was the third and final instalment of the 2020 schedule. The Heat were unable to notch a win in Alberta in January, or in Vancouver earlier in February.  

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VICTORIA – The University of Victoria Vikes ran the table for the second time in the program's history and won the Canada West conference for the third consecutive year.

Battling their biggest rival, the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds, the Vikes posted a 29-0 shutout on Sunday afternoon at Wallace Field to win the UVic tournament and the conference championship.

"It feels great. I'm really proud of our 7s program and it's great to see the continued success of not only our program, but the growth around the league this year as well," said Vikes Head Coach Brittany Waters.

In a rematch of the UBC Tournament final, there was a feeling out process for the first few minutes. Then, graduating winger Paige Farries took over for the Vikes.

A pretty passing play started by Shalaya Valenzuela, to Renee Gonzalez, got finished off by Farries down the right sideline.

"We felt like there wasn't a lot of pressure on us entering this game, so our girls went out, played free and had some fun. It was great to watch," said Waters.

Moments later, it was Farries again from Valenzuela, as she raced down the opposite sideline to put the Vikes ahead 12-0 at half.

When action resumed, the Thunderbirds were shorthanded, as Rori Wood earned a yellow card at the end of the first half.

Given extra running room, Valenzuela cut across the length of the field before turning up field for her first try on the day.

Relentless tackling by the Vikes snuffed out Thunderbirds drives. Gonzalez body slammed her check near midfield. The massive hit allowed the Vikes to regain possession and takeoff down the field. Once again, it was Farries finding her way past the try line, as she pulled off the hat trick.

With two minutes remaining, Gonzalez put the finishing touches on the scoring frenzy with a try of her own.

The last time the Vikes went undefeated through a Canada West season was in 2018, when they went 18-0.

The Vikes were lucky to appear in the gold medal game, as they trailed by one score late in the semifinals against the University of Alberta Pandas.

Heidi Farley and Savannah Dubien each produced a try, as they staked the Pandas to a 10-5 lead deep into the second half. Both converts were missed, which left the door open for a late comeback by the Vikes.

"It's always difficult against Alberta. They are a quality side and one of the best in the league during the breakdown. We always play close games against them and I wasn't surprised to see that the game could have went either way," said Waters. "But give credit to our team for putting their head down and working the entire game."

Farries saved the day once again with a try to tie and Maggie MacKinnon split the uprights on the game-winning conversion with time expiring.

In the bronze medal match, the University of Calgary struck first with a try by Patricia Lively. Following the missed convert, Pandas winger Farley responded with one of her two first half tries moments later.

Julia Omokhuale of the Dinos took off like a rocket down the sideline in the second half for the score. That effort, plus a converted try from Emma Newton evened the game at 12 with five minutes remaining.

Moments later, Newton slugged her way up the middle for the go-ahead try.

Looking for the win, Heidi Peake of the Pandas had Kate Manning open on the sideline in the dying seconds, but the two couldn't connect on a pass near the try line. The Dinos played out the final 30 seconds and finished third in the tournament following their 17-12 win.

Hailey Driscoll added a pair of tries in the fifth-place game, as her University of Lethbridge Pronghorns ended their season on a high note with a 24-5 victory over the Trinity Western University Spartans.

The University of British Columbia Okanagan Heat were held scoreless on Day 1, but picked up their first win of the season in the seventh-place game when Leah Townsend supplied a pair of tries in a 19-12 decision over the University of the Fraser Valley Cascades.


Day 2

Game 13

Lethbridge Pronghorns (38) vs Fraser Valley Cascades (0)

                1              2              T

LET         12           26           38

UFV        0              0              0

Scoring summary:

LET Try - #6 Rebecca Powell (#10 Caitlin Sears convert missed) LET 5-0

LET Try - #7 Christina Norsten (#10 Caitlin Sears convert) LET 12-0


LET Try - #23 Genna Wright (#11 Janelle Agot convert missed) LET 17-0

LET Try - #12 Abby Neudorf (#11 Janelle Agot convert) LET 24-0

LET Try - #7 Christina Norsten (#10 Caitlin Sears convert) LET 31-0

LET Try - #11 Janelle Agot (#11 Janelle Agot convert) LET 38-0


Game 14

Trinity Western (27) vs UBC Okanagan Heat (5)

                1              2              T

TWU      10           17           27

UBCO    0              5              5

Scoring summary:

TWU Try - #7 Isabelle Scholtens (#5 Tausani Levale convert missed) TWU 5-0

TWU Try - #8 Jensen Schmidt (#5 Tausani Levale convert missed) TWU 10-0


TWU Try - #7 Isabelle Scholtens (#5 Tausani Levale convert missed) TWU 15-0

TWU Try - #10 Sarah Eskildsen (#2 Nicolett Duchesne convert) TWU 22-0

UBCO Try - #15 Emily Hilditch (#9 Shaira Venegas convert missed) TWU 22-5

TWU Try - #10 Sarah Eskildsen (#6 Samantha Thiessen convert missed) TWU 27-5


Semifinal #1

Alberta Pandas (10) vs Victoria Vikes (12)

                1              2              T

ALB        0              10           10

VIC         5              7              12

Scoring summary:

VIC Try - #9 Sasha Guedes (#9 Sasha Guedes convert missed) VIC 5-0


ALB Try - #4 Heidi Farley (#14 Heidi Peake convert missed) TIE 5-5

ALB Try - #6 Savannah Dubien (#14 Heidi Peake convert missed) ALB 10-5

VIC Try - #14 Paige Farries (#4 Maggie MacKinnon convert) VIC 12-10


Semifinal #2

Calgary Dinos (12) vs UBC Thunderbirds (19)

                1              2              T

CGY       0              12           12

UBC       12           7              19

Scoring summary:

UBC Try #2 – Rachel Smith (#5 Shoshanah Seumanutafa convert missed) UBC 5-0

UBC Try #7 – Kally King (Penalty Try) UBC 12-0


CGY Try #9 – Catrina Thompson (#10 Patricia Lively convert missed) UBC 12-5

UBC Try #7 – Kally King (#6 Madison Gold convert) UBC 19-5

CGY Try #7 - Tianna Janfield (#3 Kasselle Menin convert) UBC 19-12


7th Place Game

Fraser Valley Cascades (12) vs UBC Okanagan Heat (19)

                1              2              T

UFV       7              5              12

UBCO    5              14           19

Scoring summary:

UBCO Try - #7 Leah Townsend (#9 Shaira Venegas convert missed) UBCO 5-0

UFV Try - #14 Kira Katan (#14 Kira Katan convert) UFV 7-5


UBCO Try - #7 Leah Townsend (#12 Katie Baker convert) UBCO 12-7

UFV Try - #14 Kira Katan (#14 Kira Katan convert missed) TIE 12-12

UBCO Try - #9 Shaira Venegas (#9 Shaira Venegas convert) UBCO 19-12


5th Place Game

Lethbridge Pronghorns (24) vs Trinity Western Spartans (5)

                1              2              T

LET         17           7              24

TWU      0              5              5

Scoring summary

LET Try - #21 Hailey Driscoll (#10 Caitlin Sears convert missed) LET 5-0

LET Try - #8 Sydney De La Mare (#10 Caitlin Sears convert missed) LET 10-0

LET Try - #20 Sara Cline (#10 Caitlin Sears convert) LET 17-0


TWU Try - #6 Samantha Thiessen (#5 Tausani Levale convert missed) LET 17-5

LET Try - #21 Hailey Driscoll (#10 Caitlin Sears convert) LET 24-5


Bronze Medal Game

Calgary Dinos (12) vs Alberta Pandas (12)

                1              2              T

CGY       5              12           17

ALB        12           0              12

Scoring summary:

CGY Try - #10 Patricia Lively (#2 Emma Newton convert missed) CGY 5-0

ALB Try - #4 Heidi Farley (#14 Heidi Peake convert) ALB 7-5

ALB Try - #4 Heidi Farley (#14 Heidi Peake convert missed) ALB 12-5


CGY Try - #5 Julia Omokhuale (#2 Emma Newton convert) TIE 2-2

CGY Try - #2 Emma Newton (#2 Emma Newton convert missed) CGY 17-12


Gold Medal Game

 UBC Thunderbirds (0) vs Victoria Vikes (29)

                1              2              T

UBC       0              0              0

VIC         12           17           29

Scoring summary:

VIC Try - #14 Paige Farries (#4 Maggie MacKinnon convert) VIC 7-0

VIC Try - #14 Paige Farries (#4 Maggie MacKinnon convert missed) VIC 12-0


VIC Try - #7 Shalaya Valenzuela (#4 Maggie MacKinnon convert) VIC 19-0

VIC Try - #14 Paige Farries (#4 Maggie MacKinnon convert missed) VIC 24-0

VIC Try - #2 Renee Gonzalez (#9 Sasha Guedes convert missed) VIC 29-0



TEAM    ALB Tourney      UBC Tourney     VIC Tourney       TOTAL

VIC                         15                           15                           15                           45

UBC                       8                              12                           12                           32

ALB                        12                           10                           8                              30

LET                         10                           8                              6                              24

CGY                       6                              6                              10                           22

TWU                      4                              4                              4                              12

UFV                       2                              2                              1                              5

UBCO                    1                              1                              2                              4