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The University of British Okanagan Heat Competitive Sport Clubs (UBCO Heat Sport Clubs) are Athletics & Recreation’s newest competitive option for UBCO student-athletes. Launched in 2019, UBCO Heat Sport Clubs currently features three sports and five teams which include: Rugby, Softball, and Track & Field.

As a competitive program, all teams participate in club or intercollegiate leagues at a local, provincial, national, or international level. Following a "pay to play" type model, each sport club determines it's dues based on expenses related to: competition registration fees, facility or venue rentals, travel related costs, apparel, equipment, and coaches. Clubs may receive modest financial support from the University for coaching, National Championships, and competitive enhancement. As UBCO Heat Sport Clubs, these groups have been given the designation as official representatives of the school in their respective sports.

To be considered a Competitive Sport Club, a club must demonstrate the sport's viability at the university level in various areas, including:

  • An available talent pool of student-athletes.
  • A sustainable leadership team.
  • A strong community backing.
  • A fiscally-responsible budget plan.
  • A progressive competitive structure with local or regional leagues and other university programs.
  • A comprehensive Risk Management Plan.
  • A well-developed Constitution outlining the framework of each club.
Competitive Sport Clubs should also align with the University of British Columbia’s Vision and Core Values:

Vision - Inspiring people, ideas and actions for a better world.
As one of the world’s leading universities, the University of British Columbia is pursuing excellence in research, learning and engagement to foster global citizenship and advance a sustainable and just society across British Columbia, Canada, and the World.

Core Values
Excellence - profound and aspirational value: the quality of striving to be, and being, outstanding.
Integrity - moral value: the quality of being honest, ethical and truthful.
Respect - an essential and learned value: regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas and actions
Academic Freedom - a unique value of the academy: a scholar’s freedom to express ideas through respectful discourse and the pursuit of open discussion, without risk of censure.
Accountability - personal and public value: being responsible for our conduct and actions and delivering upon our respective and reciprocal commitments.

Services Provided

There are many incentives when you become a UBC Okanagan Sport Club. A dedicated UBC Okanagan Athletics and Recreation staff member; the Competitive Sport Club and Community Programs Coordinator will assist you with the services (and more) listed below:

  • Official representation and sanctioning of the University in competition.
  • Increased athletic opportunities for student-athletes in their respective sport(s).
  • Documentation assistance and submission, including the club application.
  • Comprehensive leadership training and support.
  • National Championship grants to supplement travel and coach funding.
  • Event management support from UBC Okanagan Athletics & Recreation.
  • Access to letters of academic concession for travel and injury.
  • Sport development through community and alumni engagement support.
  • Marketing and communication resources.
  • Team website integration and social media administration.
  • UBC Okanagan Athletics & Recreation organized and branded promotional opportunities on campus and within the community.
  • Heat student-athlete status, academic and athletic incentives, and recognition opportunities.
  • Financial guidance, including budget tracking of incoming funds and outgoing expenses.
  • Fundraising support, including donations and sponsorships.
  • Uniform and/or merchandise purchase assistance.
  • Travel administrative assistance.
  • Risk Management reinforcement.
  • Registration management.
  • Scheduling support, including facility booking requests for exclusive student-athlete spaces.



Active Clubs 
Men's Rugby
Women's Rugby
Inactive Clubs
Track & Field

Please email for more information regarding discussion around re-engaging an inactive club.

Future Clubs

Thank you for your interest in becoming an official UBCO Heat Sport Club! We are now accepting competitive sport club applications! If you would like to be added to the list to receive updates and communications about the application process, please email Please include contact details, your current club status, and a small blurb about your club, team or group which will be applying to be a club.

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