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Heat student-athletes recognized for making the grades

Race times and final scores aren't the only numbers that count

UBC Okanagan's student-athletes live by scores, statistics and numbers. And while game day stats are vital to their success, students who achieve high numbers in the classroom were acknowledged at a recent event.

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UBCO Director of Athletics and Recreation Tom Huisman hosted a special breakfast last week, recognizing the students for earning an 80 per cent or better GPA while playing on a varsity sports team. 

A total of 44 UBC Okanagan student-athletes were honoured for their outstanding achievements in the classroom while also competing for Heat varsity teams during the 2018-19 season, he said. 

"The student-athletes here are incredible leaders today by virtue of the example they set in the classroom and in their sport," he said. "This is a precursor to the amazing things they will continue to accomplish long after they graduate." 

Huisman noted that of the 119 Heat student-athletes last year, 44 are recipients of the academic achievement awards—that's more than 37 per cent, well above the national average of 30 per cent. 

Speaking from the academic side of the university, Michael Burgess Associate Provost, echoed Huisman’s thoughts on the way this group exemplifies the essence of a student-athlete. Their achievement fits well in the mission and mandate of UBC Okanagan campus, he said.

“Aspire is our recently formulated campus strategy, but a strategy is only as good as its implementation,” he explained, “The strategy recognizes five areas that have significant transformative potential, of which you have clearly manifested two of those. The focus on great people and a thriving campus community.”

To be recognized as Academic All-Canadians (USPORTS) or National Scholars (CCAA), student-athletes need to continue with their high academic achievement while also practicing, playing or travelling with their varsity teams up to 40 hours a week. 

Academic All-Canadians and National Scholars by area of study 2019:

Bachelor of Applied Sciences: Sarah Demers*, Bret Depner*, Michael Mitchell, Alexander Spice*, and Hamish Walde*

Bachelor of Arts: Téo Ardanaz, Sadie Beers, Vanessa Botteselle*, Leah Favaro*, Claire Feasby*, Jordan Korol, McKenna Lesiuk*, Katie Punia, Sadie Taylor-Parks, and Kylee Walker

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Ann Richards*

Bachelor of Science: Maya Bandy, Sierra Cooper*, Braxtyn Horbay*, Jarrett Larsen, and Owen Spicker

Bachelor of Science (Nursing): Keeley Bell*, and Veronika Fagan*

Bachelor of Human Kinetics: Lindsey Berthelsen*, Lindsey Bott*, Navdeep Brar*, Nikki Chamberlain, Samantha Copeland, Alex Ferronato*, Sophia Furlan*, Owen Harris, Iona Lawson, Nicholas Reitsma, Jacob Stokker, and Emily Williams

Bachelor of Management: Matt Aubrey, Corbin Beauchemin, Allison Candelario, Samantha Gagnon*, Aurora Gardiner, Jeevin Kang*, Erica Lampert, Sam McDonald, and Hunter Scott* 

Academic All-Canadians and National Scholars by sport 2019:

Men's Basketball (3): Navdeep Brar*, Jarrett Larsen, Jacob Stokker

Women's Basketball (7): Lindsey Bott*, Sadie Beers, Vanessa Botteselle*, Claire Feasby*, Braxtyn Horbay*,

Jordan Korol, and Katie Punia

Men's Cross Country (3): Owen Harris, Michael Mitchell, and Alexander Spice*

Women's Cross Country (3): Nikki Chamberlain, Sierra Cooper*, and Veronika Fagan*

Golf (2): Samantha Copeland, and McKenna Lesiuk*

Men's Soccer (7): Corbin Beauchemin, Bret Depner*, Jeevin Kang*, Sam McDonald, Nicholas Reitsma, Owen Spicker, and Hamish Walde*

Women's Soccer (10): Maya Bandy, Lindsey Berthelsen*, Allison Candelario, Leah Favaro*, Alex Ferronato*, Aurora Gardiner, Erica Lampert, Iona Lawson, Kylee Walker, and Emily Williams

Men's Volleyball (3): Téo Ardanaz, Matt Aubrey, and Hunter Scott*

Women's Volleyball (6): Keeley Bell*, Sarah Demers*, Sophia Furlan*, Samantha Gagnon*, Ann Richards*, and Sadie Taylor-Parks

*Not in attendance (graduated, unable to attend, or no longer on one of the U SPORTS or CCAA varsity teams) 

Academic All-Canadian Breakfast

2018-19 U SPORTS Academic All-Canadians and CCAA National Scholars

Téo Ardanaz Volleyball (M) 1 Bachelor of Arts 1 Delta, BC
Matthew Aubrey Volleyball (M) 3 Management 1 Grange, AUS
Corbin Beauchemin Soccer (M) 3 Management 3 Kelowna, BC
Sadie Beers Basketball (W) 2 Bachelor of Arts 1 Vancouver, BC
Keeley Bell Volleyball (W) 4 Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2 North Vancouver, BC
Lindsey Berthelsen Soccer (W) 4 Human Kinetics 4 Edmonton, AB
Lindsey Bott Basketball (W) 2 Human Kinetics 1 Burnaby, BC
Vanessa Botteselle Basketball (W) 5 Bachelor of Arts 4 North Vancouver, BC
Navdeep Brar Basketball (M) 2 Human Kinetics 4 Abbotsford, BC
Allison Candelario Soccer (W) 1 Management 2 Kelowna, BC
Nikki Chamberlain Cross Country (W) 1 Human Kinetics 4 Kelowna, BC
Sierra Cooper Cross Country (W) 1 Bachelor of Science 1 Kimberley, BC
Samantha Copeland Golf (W) 1 Human Kinetics 1 Calgary, AB
Sarah Demers Volleyball (W) 1 Bachelor of Applied Science 1 West Kelowna, BC
Bret Depner Soccer (M) 4 Bachelor of Applied Science 4 Penticton, BC
Veronika Fagan Cross Country (W) 4 Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4 West Kelowna, BC
Leah Favaro Soccer (W) 1 Bachelor of Arts 1 Coquitlam, BC
Claire Feasby Basketball (W) 2 Bachelor of Arts 2 Calgary, AB
Alexandra Ferronato Soccer (W) 4 Human Kinetics 4 Surrey, BC
Sophia Furlan Volleyball (W) 5 Human Kinetics 4 Calgary, AB
Samantha Gagnon Volleyball (W) 1 Management 1 Red Deer, AB
Aurora Gardiner Soccer (W) 1 Management 1 Calgary, AB
Owen Harris Cross Country (W) 2 Human Kinetics 2 Kelowna, BC
Braxtyn Horbay Basketball (W) 2 Bachelor of Science 3 Camrose, AB
Jordan Korol Basketball (W) 4 Bachelor of Arts 3 Coldstream, BC
Erica Lampert Soccer (W) 2 Management 2 Kelowna, BC
Jarrett Larsen Basketball (M) 1 Bachelor of Science 1 Kamloops, BC
Iona Lawson Soccer (W) 1 Human Kinetics 1 Calgary, AB
McKenna Lesiuk Golf (W) 3 Management 3 Kelowna, BC
Sam McDonald Soccer (M) 2 Management 2 Kelowna, BC
Michael Mitchell Cross Country (M) 4 Bachelor of Applied Science 4 Kelowna, BC
Nicholas Reitsma Soccer (M) 2 Human Kinetics 2 Kelowna, BC
Ann Richards Volleyball (W) 5 Bachelor of Fine Arts 4 Assiniboia, SK
Hunter Scott Volleyball (M) 4 Management 3 Edmonton, AB
Alexander Spice Cross Country (M) 2 Bachelor of Applied Science 3 Kamloops, BC
Owen Spicker Soccer (M) 1 Bachelor of Science 2 Langley, BC
Jacob Stokker Basketball (M) 2 Human Kinetics 1 Penticton, BC
Sadie Taylor-Parks Volleyball (M) 2 Bachelor of Arts 2 Kelowna, BC
Hamish Walde Soccer (M) 4 Electrical Engineering 3 Salt Spring Island, BC
Kylee Walker Soccer (W) 3 Bachelor of Arts 2 Delta, BC
Emily Williams Soccer (W) 1 Human Kinetics 1 Salmon Arm, BC