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Heat athletes help 2019 new students move into thier new homes

Heat athletes help 2019 new students move into thier new homes

At 8 a.m. Sunday morning, around 155 UBCO Heat student-athletes and coaches lined up to welcome over 1,150 new students to residence. That added up to nearly 800 volunteer hours to move in the new students.

For the fourteenth year in a row, Heat athletes were ready to help students move into their new homes. Carrying the student's belongings was only half of the job, the student-athletes were also there to make connections and build school spirit. Overall, the goal was to make the move-in a little less stressful for the new students and their families.

Take a look at photos from past move-in days here:

Since UBC Okanagan's beginning, the varsity athletes have been there to help new students as the campus and population continues to grow. Over the years, more than 1,000 athletes have volunteered for 5,500 hours to transport students into their residences.

This year, the campus will be home to UBCO's largest first-year class of over 2,300 students. When UBCO first opened its doors in 2005, there were only 3,500 students. Since last year, the student population has grown by 8.3% and has increased to more than 10,755 students.