The University of British Columbia

Philippe Labrecque

Philippe Labrecque

Philippe Labrechue plays rugby for the Heat men's team and will suit up for the historic Hindson Cup on Saturday, October, 19.

When did you desire /aspire to become a post-secondary athlete and play your sport and attend university?

Ever since I was young. I've always been playing all sorts of sports, but playing competitive hockey for a long time allowed me to develop a great sense of teamwork and love for contact sports. I started playing rugby when I was 15, and I knew that I was going to play that sport for a long time. After I was selected for the Quebec Provincial Team and went to play in the Nationals when I was 17, rugby became my sport. Since then, I moved to BC from Quebec and I was lucky enough to transfer to UBCO in my second-year and have continued playing rugby here.

Most memorable moment in your sport (on or off the competition surface) while representing UBCO?

My most memorable moment with UBCO's Rugby team is definitively when we were able to beat a UBC Vancouver team. Being a much more established program, the battles are always fierce between our squads, but we were finally able to beat them for the first time. I was thrilled to be a part of that moment!

When you are done as a student-athlete and you look at the next crew of Heat athletes, how would you like to be remembered as a student-athlete?

I want to prepare our new wave of rookies to proudly represent the Heat name and I want to be remembered as someone that always gives their all, whether it is in practice, during team training, or during games. I will, unfortunately, be graduating in April 2020, so I will cherish all the last moments that I have with the team.

Blue or white? What is your preferred uniform colour to wear?

I would have to go for Blue!

Pregame ritual – what is it and when did you start doing it? Did it change when you started playing for the Heat?

I've always had a habit of putting tape on my arm and writing something important to me, it keeps me calm and allows me to make the right decisions at the right moment. I've started doing this when I was playing in the Cégep. I will also listen to the same style of music. Not much has changed since I developed those rituals. You don't change a winning formula!