The University of British Columbia

Rebecca Reitsma

Rebecca Reitsma

When did you desire / aspire (How old) to become a U SPORTS/CCAA athlete and play your sport and attend university?

I started golf late for someone who is now pursuing it in university. After I competed in my first ever tournament in the spring of 2017, I knew it was something that I needed to do after I graduated high school. Playing university level golf was a huge part in my decision to attend UBCO. Suddenly, I realized that golf was not just a sport but a passion of mine that I want to pursue for the rest of my life. I was training almost all day every day in the summer between my grade 11 and 12 year because I wanted to be competitive at a university level. 

When you are done as a student athlete and you look at the next crew of Heat athletes, how would you like to be remembered as a student athlete?

When new heat athletes join the program, I want to be remembered as someone who dominated her sport. I want people to see that it wasn’t an easy process for me balance school and athletics, but I also want them to see that I have undisputed passion for golf. I think it is far better to be remembered as someone who had to work very hard for her success rather than just going through the motions. My goal is to leave a legacy of hard work and success for the golf team.

Pre-round ritual – what is it and when did you start doing it? Did it change when you started playing for the Heat?

My pre-round ritual has changed a lot over the past year, I would dictate how my entire round would go based on the first 10 balls I hit. I was very much in my head and it stopped me from being successful at first. Now, before I hit any balls, I putt. I think that putting is the most feel oriented part of golf and personally the most relaxing. Once I feel good about my putting, I then start hitting balls but I am very conscious to not linger on the bad shots. Right before I’m about to tee off I focus on breathing and I tell myself that one bad shot is not indicative of the entire round.

Lowest round ever? Where was it and what do you remember about it?

My lowest tournament round ever was 78 and it was during one of our regular season events at Chilliwack golf club. The previous round I had shot 80 which was my lowest round up until that point. I remember it was pouring rain and freezing cold and I was so sick of wearing my rain clothes, so I wasn’t wearing a rain jacket, hat, or rain gloves. It was not the ideal situation to play well and I refused to even look at my score card until after the round was over. It was the most surreal experience to have actual proof that I could compete and win at a university level.