The University of British Columbia

Lindsey Berthelsen

Lindsey Berthelsen

When did you desire / aspire (How old) to become a U SPORTS athlete and play your sport and attend university?

I always knew that I wanted to continue playing soccer in University. I first got serious about it when I was in high school, when my team started doing showcase tournaments where University coaches would come and watch.

What clicked that desire for you?

I have always loved being a part of a team, and I knew I didn’t want to give that up when I started University. I was also very motivated to play at the highest level I could- making it to the varsity sport level was a big goal for me

What choices did you make / work you had to put in to achieve that goal?

In grade 11 and 12 I started attending ID camps and connecting with coaches. I also made an effort to contact coaches from the schools I was interested before going to any showcase tournaments to see if they would be there, and whether they would be interested in watching me play. I had a video highlight tape with gameplay footage that I would usually include in any emails I sent.

Most memorable moment in your sport (on or off the competition surface) while representing UBCO?

A big moment for was making playoffs in my 2nd year with UBCO. But most of my best memories are just from traveling with the team and being a part of the Heat community.

Blue or white? What is your preferred uniform colour to wear and why?

Blue! Almost every team has a white kit, but blue feel more like our colour.

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