The University of British Columbia

Rachel Garrett

Rachel Garrett
Rachel Garrett has been a member of the Heat cross country team since 2015. She has been with the team as they transitioned from the CCAA into U SPORTS and she will graduate this year with her degree in Human Kinetics. Unfortunately for Rachel, an injury prevented her in competing from most of this past year, he final as a member of the team. A CSEP certified personal trainer, Rachel provides training tips via her Instagram, check her out rachelruns_

UBCO or UBC Okanagan?

UBC Okanagan

Coffee or Tea?


What Song has to be played on your warmup playlist?

Glorious - Macklemore

Blue or white? What is your preferred uniform colour to wear? Why?

White! Easier to be spotted in the running crowd of a million jersey colours.

Favourite place to study?

The UBCO gym! Always seeing friends made studying a little better (but maybe less productive).

Favourite Heat sport to watch besides your own?

Volleyball! I love the sport but never really pursued it myself.

Would you rather write a final exam or a 10-page paper?

Final exam 100%, I’m a better studier than I am a writer.