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Shaun Pilcher

Shaun Pilcher

Most memorable moment in your sport (on or off the competition surface) while representing UBCO?

My most memorable moment representing UBCO would be our third season (2016-17) in U SPORTS. Karma played its role throughout our season as we had three 1-0 losses in which the goal against us was scored in the 83rd minute or later. In saying that, five of our six wins came later than the 87th minute so it was a pretty eventful season.

Going into our last game of the season against UVIC, we needed to win and TRU lose or tie for us to get into playoffs. TRU lost to UBC and going into the last two minutes of the game, we were tied with UVIC 2-2, and needed to win. With some tactical substitutions and formation changes, we were able to score in the last minute of the game due to some hard work and determination from Nikhil Reddy and a perfectly-placed shot by Wyatt Gilbert to propel us into playoffs. It was incredible celebrating with each other on the pitch, in the dressing room, and all the way back to Kelowna, all the while knowing we needed to travel to U of A once more in play-offs.

When you are done as a student athlete and you look at the next crew of Heat athletes, how would you like to be remembered as a student athlete?

I’d like to be remembered as hard-working, committed, dedicated, and a leader as a student-athlete both on and off the pitch. Each and every student athlete embodies these qualities as we all have school, volunteering and work, a social life, and our respective sport to balance, among other stressors that a student-athlete has. I hope I have shown these qualities to the younger athletes as they leave their own individual legacy on the Athletics program here at UBCO.

Blue or white? What is your preferred uniform colour to wear and why?

White. Something about our white jerseys looks sharp, tidy, and clean… until we play UVIC or TWU on grass. A lot of guys tend to match their cleats with their jersey colours but I prefer having opposite coloured cleats in both white and blue jerseys. Blue/black cleats with white uniform and white/orange cleats with blue uniform. Something I’ve done since Grade 9 during Y-League and have done it ever since.

Pregame ritual – what is it and when did you start doing it? Did it change when you started playing for the Heat?

My pre-game ritual varies with the time of each game, but for an evening game game, I’d wake up, check current soccer scores across Europe, eat some breakfast/lunch around 11 a.m., watch some more sport highlights, listen to some music while thinking about the game. I’d always check the standings, stats of each team, watch some game film against those players I’d be playing against, and then have another meal 3.5 hours before game time. Show up to the field, get changed, listen to some music with the guys, and head out to the pitch. My ritual started in Grade 9 in my 1st year of Y-League with Coach (Carlo) Corazzin where he made us mentally prepare for each game. Nothing changed when I started playing for the Heat, maybe just the 7am wake-ups and team walks.

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