First-year Kendra Jones-Munk tops the leaderboard for the first time

First-year Kendra Jones-Munk tops the leaderboard for the first time

Steadily improving her play during every event in the BCRS, Vernon's own Kendra Jones-Munk, hit the top of the leaderboard in just her fifth outing for the Heat women's golf team. In Surrey at the Northview Golf and Country Club Jones-Munk shot a 1-over (73) to outpace the second-place golfers by a pair of strokes. The Heat women finished second (234, +18) in the fifth event of the BCSR.

On Thursday, in event six, the UBCO women's squad finished third (238, +22) but landed just two shots off the pace of the leading schools UFV and UBC. Those two squads tied for first shooting (236, +20). Samantha Copeland led the way for UBCO with a 5-over (77) in Richmond, BC at the Mayfair Lake Golf and Country Club that day.

The Heat have now completed six of the eight events in the fall portion of the BCSR and will complete the final two stages on Wednesday (Oct. 28) and Thursday (Oct. 29) at the Chilliwack Golf and Country Club and the Morgan Creek Golf Cub respectively.

Individually, for the Order of Merritt, Kayleigh Trowman has earned the most points overall with 417.5. Kendra Jones-Monk is fourth with 365 points. The Heat women, as a team are second with 11 points, trailing the Thunderbirds by 5.5 points and 2.5 ahead of the Cascades.

BCSR Individual Scoring Total

  1. Kayleigh Trowman (UBCO) - 417.5 pts.
  2. Shania Remandaban (UBC) - 405 pts.
  3. Sonja Tang (UBC) - 370 pts.
  4. Kendra Jones-Munk (UBCO) - 365 pts.
  5. Lucy Park (UFV) - 302.5 pts.
  6. Jue Wen (UBC) - 300.7 pts.
  7. Emily Li (UBC) - 297.5 pts.
  8. Alex Brunner (UFV) - 293 pts.
  9. Esther Lee (UBC) - 285 pts.
  10. Samantha Copeland (UBCO) - 264.5 pts.
  11. Emery Bardock (UFV) - 263 pts.
  12. Rebecca Reitsma (UBCO) - 219.5 pts.
  13. Cecile Kwan (UBC) - 190 pts.
  14. Avery Biggar (UFV) - 152 pts.
  15. Kate Choi (UBC) - 117 pts.
  16. Kaitlyn Hill (UBC) - 108 pts.

BCSR Team Scoring Total

  1. UBC 16.5 pts.
  2. UBCO 11 pts.
  3. UFV 8.5 pts.