The University of British Columbia

Male Rookie of the Year (Year by Year)

Similar to the Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year award, the Rookie of the Year is awarded based on superior athletic achievement for a player in his or her first year of post-secondary competition with more weight given to those recognized by a respective athletics association (Canada West/CIS, Pacwest/CCAA, etc.) with national recognition will be weighted more heavily than conference recognition. Rookie candidates must also demonstrate good academic standing.

Male Rookie of the Year (This award was created in April of 2015.)

  • 2019-20 | Pierson Stanley | Soccer
  • 2018-19 | Hafith Moallin | Basketball
  • 2017-18 | Caleb Funk | Volleyball
  • 2016-17 | Kyle Hinchey | Volleyball
  • 2015-16 | Eli Risso | Volleyball
  • 2014-15 | Aldrich Berios | Basketball